Trio to lead Devils in 2020

The Tasmania Devils will be led by three co-captains throughout the 2020 #NABLeagueGirls season in Tahlia Bortignon, Brianna Oates and Camilla Taylor. 

This selection was made at the end of a team-wide process that included players self-nominating for consideration and the staffing group then making the final call.


Match Day coach Emma Humphries says the trio are all deserving of the co-captaincy role.

“Tahlia, Brianna and Camilla have all been exemplary in their application and attitude across the entire pre-season,” Humphries said.

“As a coaching group we have immense confidence in these three talented footballers and have been consistently impressed by how they have applied themselves on and off the field and the standards they have set.”


The co-captains will be supported by three bottom-age ‘Emerging Leaders’ – Jemma Blair (East Launceston), Amy Prokopiec (Clarence) and Olivia Smith (Wynyard) – who have been identified as having strong leadership potential.

These Emerging Leaders represent all three regions and will be given the chance to strengthen their own leadership skills in a high-performance environment.

“We are really happy with this leadership structure and are confident that it will not only challenge our three Co-Captains and three Emerging Leaders but also provide them with the chance to thrive and develop as footballers, leaders and people in general,” Humphries said.

Olivia Smith, Amy Prokopiec and Jemma Blair have been announced as Emerging Leaders for 2020. IC: Solstice Digital


The Tasmania Devils’ #NABLeagueGirls campaign will kick off tomorrow (Saturday 7 March) against the Oakleigh Chargers at North Hobart Oval. Team sheets can be found here



Tahlia Bortignon (Clarence – 19 yo)

Brianna Oates (Clarence – 17 yo)

Camilla Taylor (Launceston – 19 yo)


Emerging Leaders:

Jemma Blair (East Launceston – 17 yo)

Amy Prokopiec (Clarence – 16 yo)

Olivia Smith (Wynyard – 16 yo)